Virtual Conference

Zuzana Nevoralova

Jihlava Hospital, Czech Republic

Title: Maskne


Maskne is defined as acne, which newly emerged or worsened in connection with a usage of face protection equipment (FPE). It is a form of mechanic acne developed as a result of permanent contact and friction between textiles and skin. A prolonged usage of FPE causes in addition a hot and humid microclimate on a skin surface, which modifies a sebum production and subsequently a microbial balance is impaired. Maskne is situated on an area covered by FPE or in an „O“ zone, more often on a chin than on cheeks. Most often mild forms of acne are present with papules, comedones and seborrhoea. More severe forms (big papules, nodules) are caused by worsening of pre-existing forms of acne due to unfavourable usage of FPE. The first step in a treatment of maskne is rigorous education of patients. According to the severity of clinical manifestations common local, or less often systemic medicines are used in compliance with to the recommendations valid for acne vulgaris.


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