Virtual Conference

Vijay Kumar Dahiya

PGIMS Rohtak, India

Title: Recent advances in management of thalassemia


Thalassemia mainly β-thalassemia is a clinically heterogenous group of inherited disorders caused by mutations in the β-globin gene, leading to a decreased or absent production of the β-globin chain. In this disease there is imbalance in the α/β-globin chain production, which results in variable grades of ineffective erythropoiesis, chronic haemolytic anaemia, compensatory haemopoietic expansion, hypercoagulability, and increased iron absorption. Approximately 1.5% of the global population are carriers for a β-thalassaemia mutation, with traditionally higher prevalence in populations of Middle East, the Mediterranean region, and Southeast Asia. However, large scale migrations have recently made thalassemia distribution worldwide. Improved public health measures have prolonged life expectancy of affected individuals in low- and middle-income countries, making β-thalassemia now a significant global health problem.


Vijay Dahiya MBBS, MD Pediatrics from PGIMS Rohtak retired as Civil Surgeon yamunanagar in Feb 2022 after 29 years of service in Health Department. Govt. of Haryana. He Made Presentation at International and National Level on various topics like drug abuse, adolescent health, childhood illness, Management or preterm babies, Management of Thalassemia, Medical management of disasters, Assault on Doctors etc. He remained State and Distt. Level Master trainer (trained at State HQ) of various health programs like ASHA, ARSH (AFHCS), IMNCI, RCH & SBA & imparted training to medical officers & field staff. He has written two books and is also on editorial board of interactive internation publications. His Book on management of thalassemia has been translated in more than 10 international languages.