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Sara Elena Guerrero Saldivia

Sara Elena Guerrero Saldivia

California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences & Psychology, USA

Title: Zika virus: A systematic review of teratogenesis, congenital anomalies, and child mortality


Zika virus infection (ZIKV) was one of the most catastrophic epidemics. ZIKV in nonpregnant women is mild and sometimes asymptomatic. However, infection during pregnancy leads to congenital malformations in the fetus, while maternal signs of infection are preceded by a rash. The maternal-fetal infection begins with a rash that occurs early during pregnancy. The most severe pathologies were related to the first trimester of gestation, including microcephaly, musculoskeletal, genitourinary, craniofacial, ocular, and pulmonary manifestations. The prognosis may not be encouraging. Herd immunity increases CD8+ (cytotoxic T-lymphocytes) earlier and decreases in the resolution phase. However, CD4+ (T-helper cells) remains higher after infection. Recent ongoing vaccine development shows good immunity, control of the vector (Aedes mosquitoes), and treatment. ZIKV, anomalies, mortality, herd immunity, and vaccine were our main keywords. This systematic review demonstrates the teratogenesis of ZIKV in children, congenital anomalies, mortality, and a view of the future and behavior of ZIKV.


Sara Elena Guerrero Saldivia is a first surgical assistant certified and International Medical Graduate (IMG) Professional with 10 years of experience in the Health Industry. Background in General Practitioner, Physician Resident of General Surgery Department (one year), Ophthalmologist Corneal Surgeon specialist, First Surgical Assistant trained, and Surgical Technician trained, BLS/CPR and ACLS. Excellent communication skills and proven ethical conduct as well patient satisfaction. She is a team player with diligent work habits. A meticulous and highly motivated physician with experience with the urban, rural, and private healthcare system.