Virtual Conference

Rekha Tanwar

ABVIMS and Dr RML Hospital, India

Title: A rare case of congenital nasopharyngeal teratoma causing airway obstruction in the newborn


Learning Objective - To describe the role of CT and MRI appearance of nasopharyngeal teratoma in newborn.

Background- Teratomas are the most common congenital tumors, but teratomas of the nasopharynx are extremely rare in neonates. Only few reports are describing imaging features of these lesions.

Material and Method- The present report is about an 23 days old newborn with a nasopharyngeal teratoma protruding from the oral cavity and causing total obstructed the airways with severe respiratory distress were reviewed. 

Result- The nasopharyngeal mass resulted in severe respiratory compromise requiring urgent intervention. In this rare case presentation, the differential diagnosis and treatment of nasopharyngeal teratoma has been discussed in accompaniment with the literature information. 

Conclusion- Both CT and MRI play a key role in differentiating and characterization of neonatal nasopharyngeal teratomas and further optimizing management.


Rekha Tanwar is a senior resident at ABVIMS & Dr RML Hospital, New Delhi.