Virtual Conference

Rashmi Rekha Samal

University of Hyderabad, India

Title: Recent advances in psycho-social interventions for women with cancer


Women with cancer go through complex emotional and psychological challenges across each phase of cancer: diagnosis, treatment and after treatment. In our study, we aim to identify and understand the different psychosocial interventions used recently in cancer care for women. Therefore, we conducted a review study using PubMed, MEDLINE, CINAHL, and Embase from 2016-2023. We included articles using Randomized Controlled Trials. The results of this study helped us to identify various psycho-social interventions helping and supporting patients to navigate through cancer related symptoms, emotional distress, side effects of the treatment in women receiving cancer care. This study has implications for healthcare professionals working in the field of oncology as it helps them to understand the need to address the psychological issues to improve treatment adherence and quality of life for women diagnosed with cancer. 


Rashmi Rekha Samal is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at Centre for Health Psychology, School of Medical Science, University of Hyderabad in India. She has completed her MSc in Clinical Psychology from Manipal Academy of Higher Education in India, which has laid a solid foundation for her academic and research pursuits. Her interest area lies in Psycho-oncology, Women and Child Health, Psychotherapeutic Interventions, and Behavioural Experiments. She is the recipient of the  Institute of Eminence performance-based fellowship at University of Hyderabad, India. For her doctoral thesis she is working on psychotherapeutic intervention for women with Gynaecological Cancer.