Virtual Conference
Milivoj Jovancevic

Milivoj Jovancevic

Zagreb University, Croatia

Title: Results of body mass index measurements in children between 2 and 8 years of age in the republic of Croatia


The study included data on 144,842 measurements of height and weight in children aged 24-95 months from the primary health care program database. The z values of body mass index were calculated and the results were extrapolated according to standard deviations for age groups of 24-35, 36-47, 48-60, 61-71, 72-83 and 84-95 months. In the 2-5-year age group, the rate of extreme thinness (-3 SD) was 0.4% and of moderate thinness (-2 SD) 2.9% of measurements. The rate of overweight (+2 SD) was 6.6% of measurements, with a significantly increased incidence in the 48-60-month age group (6.9%) and more common in boys. Obesity (+3 SD) was present in 1.9% of measurements in children aged 2-5 years and was significantly more common at the age of 48-60 months (2.3%) and more common in boys within the 48-60-month age group. In the 5-8-year age group, the following rates were recorded: extreme thinness 0.5%, thinness 3.4%, overweight 22.7% and obesity 8.8%. The highest prevalence of all nutrition categories observed was recorded in the oldest age group of 84-95 months. There was no gender difference in the prevalence of extreme malnutrition, while in all other categories a higher prevalence was found in boys than in girls. The high prevalence of overweight (35.1%) in boys aged 84-95 months should be noted. The incidence of overweight and obesity was higher in the coastal area, slightly lower in inland Croatia, and lowest in the City of Zagreb.


Milivoj Jovancevic, M.D., primarius, pediatrician. Pediatric exam in 1991. Master's degree in 1985 (oncology), doctorate in 2003 (pediatrics). He completed postgraduate studies in oncology, cytology and clinical pediatrics. Education in the field of mental health (Balint Education, Family Center - Scandinavian Kempler Institute). From 1993 to 2002 participated in programs of psychosocial assistance by Croatian Psychiatric Association in refugee camps in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with UNHCR, Save the Children Sweden and the French humanitarian organization Partage. He is a head of specialized programs of assistance to mothers and infants. From 2004 -2008, he is a president of the Croatian Society for Preventive and Social Pediatrics. His special interest in the field of organization of pediatric primary care and preventive programs. Partner in several UNICEF programs in Croatia. Affiliate at the department of preschool education studies, teacher's faculty, medical faculty (undergraduate and postgraduate) and the faculty of philosophy at Zagreb University. Since 2011 lectures at interdisciplinary specialist postgraduate study "Children's rights" at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb. Cofounder of the Little Dot platform - mobile application, web portal, e-consultation (video, phone, written) connecting about 70 experts in a field of paediatrics and thousands of parents in Croatia and globally.