Virtual Conference

Manzoor Hussain

Bangladesh Shishu (Children) Hospital & Institute, Bangladesh

Title: Review of hospital experiences of paediatric COVID-19 and impact on child health services in Bangladesh


Background: Previous studies suggest that COVID-19 is more likely to infect older adults, particularly those with chronic co-morbidities. But in Bangladesh paediatric patients are on the rise, 3% of children less than 10 years were identified as COVID-19 where confirmed cases over three hundred thousand. Though over 90% of the cases were mild or moderate in nature but many of them required hospital admission. So it appears that local situation in Bangladesh seems to be different. This study was carried out to find out hospital experiences and impact of COVID-19 in child health in Bangladesh.

Methods: Data were collected from three tertiary care hospitals of Bangladesh dealing majority of COVID-19 infected children. They are Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital, Dhaka Medical College Hospital and Mugda Medical College Hospital.  As COVID-19 outbreak also adversely affect different services among the children of Bangladesh, review was done to find essential health delivery services specially routine immunization.

Results: Total 422 children were included from three tertiary care hospitals. Male were predominant. Children of all age groups were infected. Children of all age groups were infected. Significant number of children were admitted with moderate to severe illness (moderate 42.89%, severe 35.78% and critical 16.11%) with some casualties (mortality 4.27%). Routine immunization has already been hampered and threatens a significant increase in child mortality due to Vaccine Preventable Disease (VPD) in coming days.

Conclusion: Pediatric patients are on the rise and unfortunately we noticed large number of hospital admission and some casualties already. Essential health care services should be preserved to prevent avoidable losses of child lives during the COVID-19 pandemic and to protect progress in reducing child mortality achieved over recent years.


Manzoor Hussain is the president of the Bangladesh Society of Pediatric Infectious Disease (BSPID). Immediate Past President of Bangladesh Paediatric Association (BPA). Standing Committee member of Asia Pacific Pediatric Association (APPA). He is a former Professor and Head of Paediatric Medicine and Cardiology at Bangladesh Shishu (Children) Hospital & Institute.