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Mahima Habil Massey

Mahima Habil Massey

St. John’s College, India

Title: Personal air quality monitoring in the city of Ghaziabad: school children's exposure to fine particulate matter


It is a major problem that air pollution exposure has a negative impact on an individual's health. Personal-level air quality monitoring is required to assess school children's exposure to indoor/outdoor air pollution and identify the risk level. Children's health is at higher risk from exposure to PM2.5 and smaller particle sizes, which also have dangerous impacts on their respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Children have a higher absorption rate of contaminants than adults. In order to measure this particle pollutant and its impact on children's health in a school area in the NCR city of India, Ghaziabad, from November 2018 to February 2019, PM2.5 concentration was measured using personal environmental monitors from SKC. The concentrations were found to be 2.01-2.39 times higher for personal monitoring and 4.83-5.74 times higher respective to WHO standards and to national ambient air quality. The study concludes that students in a school environment have significant health risks from PM2.5 pollution at the corresponding levels. For the classrooms, it is advised to improve the air quality through filtration and surface cleaning to reduce the exposure of the pupils to airborne particulates. The personal monitoring practice recognized in this study can be extended to different pollutants and can be integrated into school awareness programs to generate exposure data and increase awareness among school children. Also, these associations and details could be used to inform decision makers that would enable better protection of the health of children in early education microenvironments from chronic and acute exposure to air pollution.


Mahima Habil Massey has earned a doctorate in Chemistry on the topic Studies on indoor air pollutants in classroom of schools located in Different microenvironments. She has also been a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the year 2012-2015 under the Fast Track scheme funded from SERB, DST. She is working on indoor and outdoor air pollution studies, namely indoor/outdoor air pollutants emission source characterization, personal exposure assessment etc. in Indian Cities. She has worked on number of projects funded from DST and UGC during her research and post research duration. She has published many papers in international and national journals of high impact factors and also one book and three book chapters. She has more than twelve years of teaching and research experience.