Virtual Conference


University of Hyderabad, India

Title: Health related quality of life among paediatric cancer patients: The critical role of parents


Health-Related Quality of Life among paediatric cancer patients has started to capture the interest of researchers in the health-related services as several research studies have suggested the advantages in the course of the cancer treatment procedure. The review study highlights the myriad components associated with HRQL among paediatric cancer patients across various literature from the perspectives of PROs, Parent-proxy, Physician’s reports as well as Caregiver’s report which has been reported to elucidate a holistic view. Six databases (ResearchGate, SpringerLink, PubMed, Elsevier, Google Scholar, and ScienceDirect) were used as sources for data collection. Several studies have proposed numerous components like Age, Time Since Diagnosis (TSD), Fatigue, Illness uncertainty, Cancer Type etc to be associated with HRQL. Consequently, the critical role of parents in paediatric cancer patient’s HRQL was also appraised as there were compelling evidences in the literature which showed strong correlation between parents psychosocial state and their children’s HRQL.

The identification of factors associated with the HRQL among paediatric patients would prove to be useful in offering psychosocial intervention by psychologists and clinicians alike. Future research should aim to look deeper into HRQL that encompassed the spiritual aspects.


Laltlankimi completed her masters of science in Health Psychology and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at Centre for Health Psychology, University of Hyderabad, India. She has presented several papers both at national and international conferences and received the ‘Best Paper Award’ at the 12th InSPA International Conference on 2022. She was also a resource person for a 5-day workshop on ‘Health Promotion and Life skills Development for High School Students,’an initiative under a project of the American Embassy, Delhi on February, 2021. Her area of interest lies in Psycho-oncology, school psychology and mental health. She has authored two books and have also produced and directed a documentary film on mental health.