Virtual Conference
Arbianingsih Tiro

Arbianingsih Tiro

Alauddin State Islamic University, Indonesia

Title: Health education to prevent diarrhea in preschoolers


Preschoolers are the second largest group suffering from diarrhea. Numerous studies have identified poor community hygiene and health practices contributing as causes of diarrhea, making it necessary to teach children healthy behavior for prevention. Healthy behavior can reduce the risk of diarrhea by 36–48%. Unfortunately, health education is commonly given to parents, but it is limited for children. Preschool is a period of transition from parental control to self-control. This period is also the best time to build concepts and ideas with constant reason. Applying an important concept for healthy behavior in this period will help to develop a child’s mindset in the future to prevent diarrhea. Health education to prevent diarrhea is pivotal to identify health behavior of preschoolers. When preschoolers’ health behavior has been identified, then it can be used to design an effective education model in preventing diarrhea