Virtual Conference
William Michael Novick

William Michael Novick

University of Tennessee Health Science Center, USA

Title: Ethical considerations for global pediatric cardiac surgical assistance programs


Global health initiatives have expanded over the last 25 years and are no longer based solely on improving public health issues like clean water and childhood vaccination programs. Global healthcare assistance has grown into programs that provide specialty services and education today. Cardiovascular diseases are causing more deaths today in low and middle-income countries today as infectious diseases cease to be the number one cause of mortality in many of these countries. Growth in cardiovascular assistance has been substantial during the last 25 years and especially in the area of pediatric cardiac care. We discuss the ethical issues that can be found when visitors assist countries with different cultural values. The success of program development depends on navigating the ethical issues such that all stakeholders are satisfied with the project and the end result. The foundation of program development should be based upon medical ethics that are sensitive to cultural differences so that a capable sustainable program is developed upon completion.


William Michael Novick and his non-profit medical teams have performed over 7,400 pediatric heart surgeries in more than 30 countries worldwide including in places like Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Morocco, and Russia. He is a graduate of University of Alabama School of Medicine. After two years as the sole pediatric cardiac surgeon at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Women and Children he joined the faculty at the University of Tennessee as a pediatric cardiac surgeon. He has authored multiple papers on congenital heart disease, contributed to several books on pediatric heart disease, intensive care and thoracic trauma, as well as co-authored “Healing the Heart of Croatia.” In October 2014, this group of dedicated professionals came together in support of their natural leader and formed the William Novick Global Cardiac Alliance.