Virtual Conference

Selina Sultana

Better Life Hospital, Bangladesh

Title: Impact of COVID-19 pandemic show increase in toddler speech delays - A case study


Babies and toddlers are being diagnosed with speech and language delays in greater numbers after the pandemic. Children born during or slightly before the pandemic are more likely to have communicating problem each other and family, compared with those who born earlier. When COVID started everyone was staying at home, couldn't go to outside. Children born during this period had minimum contact with anyone. With safer at home, lockdowns, persistent fears about corona virus, everyone's environment at home change dramatically. Parents and their infants lost support from family, friends and healthcare professionals due to illness or death of covid 19. These long stressful days at home, parents need to fully engage with their children. Stress, physical illness or anything hampers children's growth and development. Speech therapists and doctors are struggling to meet the increased need for evaluation and treatment for children younger than 5 years old. For each year of age, first-time speech delay increased 2018-19 and 2021-22. The highest increase was among 1-year-olds. Their language is not developing properly, can’t pronounce any words even at the age of two years. Young children with delayed speech should get intervention as early as possible because children with speech and language difficulties tend to have more difficulty in school later on during communication.


Selina Sultana has completed her MBBS and MPH. She worked as an assistant registrar at Dhaka Community Medical College and Hospital as a developmental pediatrician for a long time. Currently, She is working as a consultant in Child Development and Pediatric Department. One of his publications is "Early Intervention and Parent Counseling Give Positive Impact in Cerebral Palsy Child: A Case Report". She participated online course on "Special topics in sensory integration" conducted by Meera Foundation Gurgaon India on July 19, 2020. She also completed a certificate course on autism "Traditional therapies and expressive art modalities" from December 4 to 8, 2018 organized by Adelphi University, USA, Autism movement therapy, Faith Bangladesh, Soch India and Icddrb, Dhaka. Many of her articles have been published in daily newspapers. Her article was published in the daily newspaper on August 23, 2020 titled Autism mother's mental health is enough to raise a child". Another important publication of article on online dailies on July 7, 2020 titled "Challenges faced by disable people due to Covid 19 and supporting them during this pandemic."