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Rosa Elizabeth Sevilla-Godínez

Rosa Elizabeth Sevilla-Godínez

Guadalajara University, Mexico

Title: Risk perception of caregivers of children


The perception of the risk of unintentional injuries (UI) involves three elements that are present in an interrelated way in everyday life: the caregivers, the risk and the child. Caregivers perceive UI as random accidents with a fatalistic attitude. They usually measure the UI in seconds, which is not ideal since the time for them to occur counts from the exposure to risk to the effective presentation of the damage. When an adult accompanies the child but is carrying out simultaneous activities, it does not guarantee protection.

The risk. To reduce the risks of UI, communication must be established about the conditions of the home or the products at risk. The custom in the absence of UI even without preventive or pseudo-preventive measures (living in danger) conditions significant learning that is reinforced by daily routines and their pragmatic aspect. Comfort is privileged before the security of the home. 

Risk utility (practical and economic benefits) against the cost of prevention has formed a misperception of risk. When there is a perception of risk but no UI has been suffered, security measures are not applied, to what we have called "inexperience of harm" that influences not to prevent.

The child is responsible for his own UI. It is important not to confuse obedience with a certain degree of reasoning. Observe or know that a risk exists is not reason enough to prevent it. It is necessary to believe that you can pass an UI to generate behavior change. Beliefs and culture often let risk situations pass. Routines and customs provide a false sensation of security that underestimates the risk and keeps it latent for an UI.


Elizabeth Sevilla has completed his PHD in Medical Social from Guadalajara University, México. She has studied the unintentional injuries with a qualitative approach to better understand the problem and provide prevention tools. She has published articles and books on this subject. She has collaborated with civil associations in the city of Guadalajara, Jal. México.