Virtual Conference
Pavel Sokolov

Pavel Sokolov

N.V. Voino-Yasenetsky Scientific Practical Centre, Russia

Title: Epigenetic factors in hypoxic-ischemic brain affections in children


Objective of the Review: To analyse the available data on the role of epigenetic factors in hypoxic-ischemic brain affections in children.

Key Points: Epigenetic modifiers regulating DNA methylation and histone remodelling are essential for normal brain development. They are regulated by environmental stimuli, such as hypoxia, and either cause direct brain damage, or form “a brain phenotype sensitive to perinatal damages of the central nervous system.” The data are indicative of the impact from epigenetic factors on brain stability, including brain of newborns, and hypoxia-ischemia. Their impact is multi-faceted: some of them trigger brain damages, other have neuroprotective action.

Conclusion: Studies in this area determine the future strategy of diagnostics and management of children with hypoxic-ischemic brain affections.