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Nimrat S Sidhu

Nimrat S Sidhu


Title: Brain and heart go hand in hand: Rare complications of ASD


Brain abscess is a dynamic focal intra-cranial infection. Pediatric brain abscess contributes to 25-42% of total brain abscesses. Brain is a highly resistant organ to infection, most common routes of infection are attributed to -Contiguous suppurative focus (45-50%), Hematogenous (25%), direct (trauma 10%). Cyanotic heart disease and pulmonary arteriovenous malformation are consistently reported in association with brain abscess. The pulmonary circulation represents a potential filtering apparatus for systemic bacterial pathogens. In patients with right to left cardiac shunt bypass, this mechanism and seeding to the central nervous system (CNS) occurs. A 6-year-old male child presented with h/o pain in the left arm followed by weakness. History of fever preceding the episode was present. On examination power of grade 2/5 in the left arm. An impression of monoparesis for evaluation was made. On further systemic examination a systolic murmur grade 4/5 was heard. MRI done to evaluate cause of monoparesis revealed Right Temporal abscess 5.5cm. Further to see cause of temporal abscess, 2-D echo was done i/v/o strong suspicion of CHD revealed fenestrated ASD. Brain abscess was aspirated and corrective surgery was done for fenestrated ASD. Child was improving symptomatically on follow up.


Nimrat S Sidhu is a pediatrician and allergy specialist. She did her MBBS from medical college Amritsar, graduated among the top 10 of her batch, then she did her pediatric residency from MS Ramaiah Bangalore in 2017, graduating top of her batch. she had a keen interest in adolescent medicine and published a paper in an international journal titled heavy metals and toxic elements, and their impact on adolescents. Following her senior residency, she pursued her fellowship in allergy asthma and immunology. During her residency she published 7 papers and several case reports. she’s been an avid writer for various pediatric platforms both scientific and non-scientific writing.