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Neeraja R

Neeraja R

M.R Ambedkar Dental College and Hospital, India

Title: Figaro crowns brings a smile or a frown in perspective to the Indian population


Early childhood caries (ECC) is a form of dental caries affecting children. Presently, due to increased awareness and public acceptance, guardians of most patients prefer the preservation of the teeth followed by aesthetically pleasing full coronal restorations. 

Full coverage restoration of anterior teeth are SStrip or Zirconia crowns and posterior teeth are Stainless Steel crowns. Strip crowns have superior esthetics however, they have a few disadvantages such as moisture control during bonding and placement of the crown, making it technique-sensitive and time-consuming. Zirconia crowns are also esthetic with a major disadvantage that these crowns cannot be crimped or contoured. Stainless steel crowns are the gold standard crowns used for posterior teeth as they are less technique sensitive, durable, and economical, but its only drawback is its appearance. 

A readymade white crown was introduced in 2018 by Figaro CrownsTM, USA. The crowns is made of either fibreglass or quartz filaments imbedded in a layer of cosmetic composite resin material. These crowns not only offer superior esthetics as compared to SSC but also offer strength with some degree of flexibility in addition to being biocompatible. 

Nowadays, Figaro crowns seem to be a better option than SStrip or Zirconia crowns since they are more aesthetically pleasing and require less tooth structure for cementation. Stainless steel crowns show better results in durability for posterior teeth than figaro crowns. However, as esthetics has a lot of weightage in today’s generation, figaro crowns can be the more acceptable option in the future, instead of stainless steel crowns. 

Hence, this study was aimed at reviewing these newly introduced Figaro Crowns in the Indian Population and their acceptance among the children and parents.


Neeraja R is an associate professor, department of paediatric and preventive dentistry. She is presently working at M.R Ambedkar Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.