Virtual Conference

Milena Carmela Lo Giudice

Ministry of Health, Italy

Title: Charter of child rights promoted and protected by the primary care pediatrician


The paper jeopardises the role of the primary care pediatrician as child advocate in defending the rights of children according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (New York 1989) in art 24…guarantee “the right of the minor to enjoy the best possible state of health and to benefit from medical and rehabilitation services, (…) and in particular adopt all appropriate measures to ensure medical assistance and health care for all minors necessary, with particular attention to primary health care, to guarantee each child healthy physical, mental, social, spiritual and moral development.” This Charter wants to be an invitation to all primary care pediatricians to join it with scruple, dedication and perseverance and to parents and caregivers to check the contents and observe them. It has 12 items: the right to identity, without any discrimination by ethnicity, nationality, social condition, religion, disability, census, conception; the right to grow within a united family; the right to be feed and to have breastfeeding; the right to live and grow; the right to be helped in the development of his/her autonomy and independence; the right to receive the best care and to be protected from all vaccine preventable diseases; the right to be protected against all forms of violence, physical or mental outrage or brutality, abandonment or negligence, mistreatment or exploitation, sexual violence administration and induction to the abuse of drugs and toxic substances; the right to know the truth about his/her illness; the right to confidentiality; the right to be considered for his/her needs; the right to school education. Primary care pediatricians have the task of carrying out their healthcare work by promoting the mentioned rights for the best interest of each child.


Milena Carmela Lo Giudice graduated in Medicine and Surgery and specialized in Pediatrics at the University of Palermo, was a primary care pediatrician for more than 40 years. She is currently a member of the National Committee for Bioethics in Pediatrics, Visiting Professor at the Jean Monnet University of Gorazde. During her profession she has dealt with Bioethics and Vaccinations, Immigration and Disability. She has published approximately 10 monographs and approximately 200 articles on impact factors Journals. She has given around 300 speeches at conferences in Italy, USA, China, India, Macedonia, Germany, France, Turkey, Greece, Spain and Malta.