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Icnoti Yectiuani Martinez Reyes

Icnoti Yectiuani Martinez Reyes

General Director of Hospital General of Tultitlan, Mexico

Title: Hypertrophic pylorus stenosis in monozygotic twins


Although Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis (HPS) is a relatively common condition, it has a certain genetic predisposition. In view of the few similar cases reported recently, we present two monozygotic twins who were diagnosed with this condition. Case presentation: we report monozygotic female twins with a history of their father having HPS at one month of age. HPS was diagnosed in one of the twins at 27 days of age and in the second at 45 days of age. In both, the treatment was surgical, which resolved the clinical picture without complications. Conclusions: given the genetic predisposition, in monozygotic twins, after one of the two is diagnosed with HPS, it is necessary for the parents to be alert in case a compatible clinical picture develops, to detect this same condition in the second twin in a timely manner.


Icnoti Yectiuani Martinez Reyes completed her specialty in pediatrics and pediatric surgery at the age of 34 from UNAM, Mexico. She studied laparoscopy and hospital administration; she has 3 publications. She is the head of the General Hospital of Tultitlán, ISEM State of Mexico.