Virtual Conference

Faten Ahmed

Colchester Hospital, UK

Title: The review of the treatment of the children with bronchiolitis at the district hospital based on the national recommendation


Bronchiolitis is an acute respiratory illness that is the leading cause of hospitalization in young children less than 2 years of age in the UK. Management of bronchiolitis in the UK is guided by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (2015) guidance and National guidance for the management of children in hospital with viral respiratory tract infections (2022)

Aim: Our aims were to review of the management of local practices and risks associated with bronchiolitis against regional standards, to compare practice in inpatient management of Bronchiolitis we focused on safe discharge and weaning from HFNCO safely and also during the process we reviewed the investigations apart from NPA are done and if they were indicate.

There were 31 patients who were admitted to Children’s ward between Jan 2022 to April 2022 and were diagnosed with Bronchiolitis, we recorded the highest number of the children admitted were in January 2022.

Results: All the patients met the criteria of the discharge as per Guidelines14 out of 31 patients required NIV (HFNCO), of which 92% (12/13 ) of the patients met the criteria for weaning of HFNCO (that were on HFNCO), 42% who had CXR had clear indication stated, one of which (wheeze) is not a clear indication as commonly found in viral infection.14 out 45% had bloods done. Significant number of patients had bloods done which were not indicated and didn’t change the management

Conclusion: we believe our review raise awareness regarding investigations for bronchiolitis as most c patients are inappropriately investigated with CXR and bloods. We also initiate the QI project which help to prepare for the winter months and will make significant impact in our practice


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