Virtual Conference
Evgenii Shestak

Evgenii Shestak

Ural State Medical University, Russia

Title: Unresolved issues of transient tachypnea newborns


Despite the fact that the Transient Tachypnea of Newborns (TTN) most often has a favorable current, untimely assessment of respiratory disorders and incorrectly selected tactics of therapy can lead to hospitalization in NICU and severe complications. The report presents a modern view of pathogenesis, diagnostics, including ultrasound diagnostics, a clinical picture, the studied areas of therapy and the outcome of the TTN. The results of their own prospective studies are also presented, to optimize the respiratory therapy of patients with TTN, studies of cerebral oxygenation and the level of neurotrophic factors in children with TTN in comparison with healthy newborn. The results of preceded studies revealed the connection of TTN and cerebral damage with functional and biochemical changes in the central nervous system and made it possible to determine the vector of further studies.


Evgenii Shestak received the academic degree at the age of 38 years in the topic Optimization of respiratory therapy of patients with transient tachypnea newborns at Ural State Medical University, Russia. Has 2 patents for the invention and about 20 publications.