Virtual Conference
Drummond Tatiana

Drummond Tatiana

University Hospital of Caracas, Venezuela

Title: Antimicrobial treatment in acute diarrheal disease


Diarrheal diseases are the second cause of death in children under the age of five, killing 525,000 children each year. Viruses are the most frequent etiological agents of acute diarrheal disease, however diarrhea of non-viral causes are present, especially in children and adolescents in developing countries. not all bacterial diarrhea requires treatment with antibiotics. epidemiology and clinical evaluation allow the choice of initial empirical treatment, before obtaining the stool culture result. In developed countries, parasites represent 1% to 8% of diarrhea cases. Immunosuppressed patients are at high risk for gastrointestinal infections caused by viruses, bacteria, and parasites, so diarrhea is a common problem in these cases. In this review, the antimicrobial treatment regimens to be followed in the care of children with acute diarrheal disease are updated.