Virtual Conference
Dharmendra Kumar Dubey

Dharmendra Kumar Dubey

Sharda University, India

Title: Risk factor associated with low birth weight in Delhi: What does data suggest?


Objective: World Health Organization (WHO) has defined “low birth weight (LBW) as the birth weight <2.5 kg or 2500 gm”. In the developing countries, the neonatal and infant mortality is principally associated with Low Birth Weight (LBW). The objective of the study was to assess the risk factors of low birth weight in Delhi, the capital of India.

Methods: In the present study the birth weight is categorized in the binary category which is Low Birth Weight (LBW) and Normal Birth Weight (NBW). Multivariable logistic regression model was used for seeking the impact of predictors through unadjusted and adjusted odds ratio with a 95% confidence interval was calculated.

Results: According to the data set, the prevalence of low birth weight was 27% in Delhi, which was higher than compared to other states of India. Those mothers who were having a primary level of education among them they had 51% prevalence of low birth weight.