Virtual Conference

Cintia Freire Carniel

ABC Faculty of Medicine University Center (FMABC), Brazil

Title: Pediatric leukemia exercise programme in hospital: Study protocol clinical trial (SPIRIT compliant)


Leukemias are the most common types of hematological cancer in children, which negatively impact functional capacity. There is evidence in the literature that therapeutic exercises can have a positive impact on the functions. The aim this study was to evaluate functional capacity, muscle strength, fatigue, and quality of life through the application of a protocol of therapeutic exercises during pediatric leukemia hospitalization. Children will be allocated into two groups, one will carry out a protocol of therapeutic exercises, the another will perform a conventional respiratory physiotherapy.


Cintia Freire Carniel is a physiotherapist specializing in intensive care units. She has a master's degree in health sciences and is currently studying for a doctorate at the ABC Faculty of Medicine University Center (FMABC). She teaches oncology and hospital physiotherapy on the physiotherapy course. She has also taught on several postgraduate courses throughout the country.