Virtual Conference
Ahmad Abul-Ainine

Ahmad Abul-Ainine

Hospital Aster Sanad, Saudi Arabia

Title: From e-BiliCare to neonatal JAM


Introduction: Although neonatal jaundice is very common, its management remains controversial using tedious-decisions. Strategies used are multifactorial that deepens care-rift across the Atlantic. If factors are compared and combined in one system it might unify and simplify management, closing British-American (NICE-AAP) gap.

Aim: To develop one system that combines the positives in each rival strategy: the NICE earlier-intervention and the more risk factors considerate AAP system.

Methods: The NICE guidelines was automated in e-BiliCare prior publication. Then AAP risk factors is added to influence decision threshold levels. 

Results: Risk factors were added to the e-BiliCare to produce an automated Neonatal Jaundice Auto Manager (JAM)

The e-BiliCare will be explained then adding risk factors fine-tuned therapy thresholds and constituted the Neonatal JAM. Both will be presented as a live DEMO for discussion, constructive criticism and sharing good practice.

Conclusion: There is golden opportunity in this conference on unifying care plans in this highly contentious neonatal jaundice management.


Ahmad Abul-Ainine had his MRCP (London) in 1995 and completed his CCST in 2001 in Leicester University, England. Then, he moved to Scotland in 2002, as a consultant paediatrician; Head of services in paediatric endocrinology and diabetes and postgraduate tutor and trainer in NHS Fife and senior lecturer and UG examiner in Edinburgh and Dundee Medical Schools as well as PG examiner for the Royal College (RCPCH). In 2016, he hired by S AlHabib in Saudi Arabia, as a consultant in paediatrics, endocrinology and diabetes, then moved to Fakeeh Care in KAUST, and now in Aster Sanad Hospital Riyadh. He has several publications in world journals, on toddlers diabetes, clinical pharmacology, endocrinology, hematology, neonatology and respiratory paediatrics. The most recent publications are e-BiliCare: a step towards automated NN Jaundice Care and top ten tips for perfect corona-2 pharmaco-prophylaxis. He is very keen on digital paediatrics to optimize quality of care by enhancing precision, efficacy and safety with comprehensive coverage of various aspects of therapy. He produced automated software managers for emergencies, diabetes, endocrinology and clinical pharmacology. For our IN paediatric and healthcare conference he prepared two innovative projects to stimulate thoughts hoping to initiate networking to illuminate the dark sides of care of neonatal jaundice and children’s growth to final heights.